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The Story of Fanfare - The Instrumental Arrangements

In order to share the Fanfare with the community, the concept of a violin/piano arrangement was conceived. The invitation was extended to Dr. Gates. Crawford responded with an enthusiastic yes and proceeded to compose an arrangement of the full Fanfare at a Professional level of performance.

Realizing that it would be possible to have the piece be accessible to all players and, also that sometimes a shorter version would be helpful, outreach and discussions took place with Jacob Beranek, a young, accomplished composer from the area. Jacob obliged with a short 18 measure version called ‘Theme’ as well as two one-page versions for treble and bass voiced instruments. The Theme was originally released for Treble Instruments (flute, violin, oboe), Violin, Cello, Bass Instruments (cello, stringed bass, bassoon, trombone & tuba), and Piano (with Guitar Chords). ‘Prelude’ was written for Treble voiced instruments (flute, violin, oboe) and ‘Nocturne’ was written for Bass voiced instruments (cello, stringed bass, bassoon, trombone & tuba). It is notable that these two Arrangements, though based on Fanfare, are completely unique, with different tempi, moods, and thematic material.

These Fanfare Instrumental Arrangements were premiered at the OCO’s Spotlight Concert in January of 2017. Performers included Theme - Luisa Heckenkamp, piano and Trinity Philbert, violin; Prelude - Vincent Cortese, violin and Jacob Beranek, piano; Nocturne – Eric Heitkemper, bassoon and Jacob Beranek, piano; and Full Fanfare – Roberta Carpenter, violin and Sigmund Snopek, piano.

Dr. Gates, with his wife Georgia, who performed on keyboards (piano and organ) through her life, also completed a Solo Piano version of the full Fanfare. These two pieces are capstones of Crawford’s significant compositional career of nearly 900 works.

In November 2017, Fanfare - Theme Instrumental Arrangements for Bb Instruments (trumpet, clarinet, sax); Eb Instruments (sax); F Horn and Viola were completed and released. These arrangements were composed by David Bohn, a pianist, organist and composer, who is President of the Wisconsin Composers Alliance. David’s arrangements of ‘Theme’ are based on the Fanfare, and are slightly different than the previously released ‘Themes’.  This is an excellent example of seeing various composer’s vision and voice in a project with the same source material.

These Instrumental Arrangements are now available in sheet music and pdf downloads. Links and Information are available on zmusicintl.com. In Oconomowoc, the Sheet Music and recordings are available at the Jewelry Mechanic on Hwy P.

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