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The Zenith Music International website has long had a Wellness & Performance page. 

Performance, as applicable to a musical focus, or applicable to the execution of each person's day regardless of profession or avocation, matters! We are called to do our best... our Zenith!

I've had a focus in my life to understand and access those things that help maximize health and the ability to perform. In music, I've seen those whose lives were permanently impacted by immune, bone-muscle-joint, cognitive, cardiovascular, and other issues. This applies to people in every walk of life. To maximize our energy, preventive health and vitality, is akin to the artistic path of proactive development.
At this time, this thought process and these resources are ever more apt and significant. 

You will find updates and new material on the ZMI Wellness and Performance page. 

The page will be fluid in that as new technologies, concepts or resource arises, they will be added. 

Also, you'll find a link to the Zenith Health International Facebook Page - 
facebook.com/ZenithforU, and are invited to be in touch with ZHI via 
the contact page at zhealthintl.com. The ZHI Unicity Source website is:

Note that Unicity can be sourced internationally. Visit unicity.com and click on the flag 
in the upper right corner of the page. You can select your country from the list. You will need my ID which is 21297801, and can access all resources with it. 

I have Compliance Approved videos posted re Immune Health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNIOVitWDQA  and other wellness topics. There are more that will be posted in the Zenith Health International channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqnOLg2WIaWLmel5UsWLRDw. For those that are Unicity Product specific, the coordinating pdfs are posted on the ZMI Wellness Page. 

The ZHI - Environmental & Personal Wellness Resources pdf is a 7 page (and expanding regularly) outline of concepts and resources you can consider for personal, home  & office, and business spaces - including rehearsal halls and concert venues. It includes things you can easily do to improve your environmental cleanliness, avoid cross contamination, and support your personal and emotional well-being. Information on this document is appropriate to individuals and businesses large and small, including orchestras and conservatories. I am here for additional reference and questions. To receive the ZHI - Environmental & Personal Wellness Resources pdf, simply visit zhealthintl.com and send an email via the Contact Us Page

Lastly, there are a number of contemporary resources such as UV-C devices, personal ionic devices and water purification systems (both portable and for the home) that I am reviewing. In the music field, and for us all, as we consider our environments, these will be items that can give extra wellness support. 

If you have a specific need or questions, you're welcome to be in touch!

Take care and every best to you and your health!

Chatfield Instruments - Videos

The Chatfield Instruments are a matched string quartet of instruments made by Frank S. Chatfield in Oconomowoc. They were given to the Oconomowoc Area School System in 1937, and were made partially of wood from the Lac LaBelle area. 

The instruments were played for decades in the school system, until they needed repair and were retired from use. The instruments were in restoration for 3 years, the work done by luthier Scott Sleider, and were largely completed in 2019. The cello was present, but not playable yet. 

They were 'unveiled' at the Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra Concert in April 2019, and an orchestral piece written for them by Brian Wilbur Grundstrom was premiered. They later were featured at an OCO String Quartet Recital on November 3rd, 2019, where the quartet was heard together for the first time in decades. A String Quartet version of the Variations on Fanfare for Lake Country based on the orchestral original by Crawford Gates, and written for these instruments, debuted at this concert. Videos for both concerts are due for release in the Summer of 2020. Their release will be posted here and at oconchamberorch.org, facebook.com/oconorch and facebook.com/zenithmusicstudio. 

There are a number of videos which feature both the Chatfield Instruments, the Chatfield Instrument Restoration Project, and Frank S. Chatfield. You can find these on YouTube.com.

OCO Chatfield Award - Introduction video
This short video tells the story of Mr. Chatfield, the instruments, and takes us into Scott  Sleider's workshop, where the instruments have just arrived and are at the beginning of the Restoration project. The OCO named their annual OCO Chatfield Award after Frank S. Chatfield, who gave the equivalent of over 1/2 year of work, working full time, to create the instruments and a matching hand carved rosewood presentation case. Roberta Carpenter, OCO Music Director, hosts the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3dBt30no54

The Art of Luthiership and the Chatfield Instrument Restoration Project
This 6 minute video shares some history and perspective about the art of violin & stringed instrument making (Luthiership) including the work of Master & local craftsmen. We return to Scott Sleider's workshop as he gives us a close up look at the restoration work that has been to the Chatfield Instruments. The video was filmed and created by Kyra Arndt of Milwaukee, and is hosted by Roberta Carpenter, OCO Music Director. The music underlying this video is the Fanfare for Lake Country - Orchestral Version, performed by the Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB3SfYex1v4

ZMI 1938 Chatfield Violin Short Demo w Photos

This video is a Meet & Greet of the 1938 Chatfield Violin. The instrument is one of the matched string quartet of instruments which recently was restored and first returned to playing condition in November 2019. We can hear its voice, see its aestheic personality and take in the path of repair that brought it back into performance capability. Several short violin excerpts are performed and photos of the areas of restoration are shown. Roberta Carpenter demonstrates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYG0XKmZaGw

Trio Arabesque Recordings and Tribute to Janet Marshall - Cellist

A colleague and musical kindred spirit, Janet Marshall, passed in late 2019. 

Janet, a dedicated cellist, teacher, and music professional, was also a dear friend to so many, brought warmth and integrity to her playing and personal presence. We had the opportunity to play a good number of 'gigs' and were members of Trio Arabesque and Waukesha Choral Union Orchestra together. 

A Video of Trio Arabesque performing Dvorak Slavonic Dance Op 46 #2
is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGJI1GwTBWs and a video of Trio Arabesque performing the first movement of Beethoven's Piano Trio Op. 70 #1 in D with a Photo Collage of the Trio and Trio members (Roberta Carpenter, Violin; Janet Marshall, Cello; Sharon Goodrum, Piano).

The full Beethoven, a Peter Martin Rhumba and other Trio Arabesque recordings will be released in 2020. The releases will be posted here and at Facebook.com/ZenithMusicStudio. 

Janet was especially fond of playing Handel's Messiah, and we rode together to rehearsals many years in all sorts of weather to perform... always with her bright orange cello in tow. I should add, she generally had an apple, granola bars, and other goodies to share. She was fond of avocados and was a healthy-minded eater. Also, Interlochen and the National Music Camp at Interlochen held a special place in her heart. We performed in many venues, Christmas and Gala fundraisers, Chamber Music series events, Music Clubs, for Civic Organizations, Senior Center, Rotary and other meetings, in Madison on my Doctoral Recitals, at churches and for weddings, and watched the New York Philharmonic's New Year's Eve Concert on television together for many years. She was a listener, and shared her spiritual vision thoughts readily.

Always, she was upbeat and found the good to share. One hears that in her playing and her impeccable approach to her musical concept. She was a joy to play music with and to share some steps in this path of life. 

To Janet, you're forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.

Variations on Fanfare for Lake Country - String Orchestra & String Quartet

Hello All!

Composer Brian Wilbur Grundstrom wrote Variations on Fanfare for Lake Country, based on the orchestral original by Crawford Gates. These compositions are for String Orchestra and a distinct version for String Quartet. They were performed by the Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra - the String Orchestra premiere was in April 2019 and the String Quartet premiere in November 2019. 

The parts for the pieces are available from Brian
and a 3 minute excerpt video of the String Orchestra version is available on YouTube:
This was a side by side performance with the OCO and included several OHS High School Orchestra Students. 

Recordings of the full Orchestral and Quartet Concerts are due to be released in Summer 2020. 

The music is vital and captures both the 'Voice' of Dr. Gates' Fanfare, as well as Brian's ever-engaging musical style. 

Variations on Fanfare for Lake Country & Imagine A Day... in Lake Country 3 min Excerpt Videos

2 new OCO 3minute excerpt videos were posted recently:

Variations on Fanfare for Lake Country was written for the release of the Chatfield String Quartet of Instruments after their being in restoration for 3 years. This piece for strings was written by composer Brian Wilbur Grundstrom. The piece will be performed and recorded with the full Chatfield Quartet later this year.

Imagine A Day... in Lake Country was written for 2 choirs and orchestra, based on the poem 'Imagine A Day' by Courtney Bella. The text was reflected on and expanded by lyricist Robert Barnett. Composer Brian Wilbur Grundstrom created a beautiful musical exploration of what it means to be near the lakes in our lives.

The extended concert video is expected out later this season.

OCO Debut Concert Video with Beethoven Symphony #5 and Lake Tones (7 Movements) on YouTube

The Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra Debut Concert's Beethoven Symphony #5, Crawford Gates Fanfare for Lake Country, and 7 movements of the Sigmund Snopek Lake Tones, Legends & Landscapes series videos are now available on YouTube.com. Roberta Carpenter, Conductor.

This award-winning program features additional videography, photography and artists images, and was awarded 3rd place in the 2012 American Prize Awards.

OCO May 19th Concert Video - now in American Prize Finals

The Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra May 19th Concert video, which is on YouTube, is now in the Finals of the American Prize Awards. (July 10th, 2019)

A shout out to everyone that participated and supported!

We're very fortunate to have a circumstance that allows us to put out collaborative videos such as this one!

If you haven't seen the video, or if you have and would enjoy seeing it again, this would be an excellent time! Let's show the presence and impact it is having! 
The program description is below on the May 26th Blog, or online with the 'Show More' button. 

It's relatively new, so many people don't know about it. 
Would you help us share the word about it?


**New - The Art of Luthiership & the Chatfield Instrument Restoration Project Video

The Art of Stringed Instrument Making is the world which we visit in this 6 minute video produced by Kyra Arendt.

Beginning with a short survey of instrument makers and types, Host OCO Music Director Roberta Carpenter explains how to watch for the personality and voice of instruments. Those luthiers from the greater Milwaukee/Oconomowoc area are highlighted. We then visit luthier Scott Sleider's workshop, where he relays the type of restoration work he did on the Chatfield Instruments, a matched string quartet made with wood from Lac LaBelle in Oconomowoc.

The music heard underlying the video is the 'Fanfare for Lake Country' by Crawford Gates. It is performed by the Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra, Roberta Carpenter, Conductor.


Recording with Hradec Kralove Philharmonic features a Travelogue of the Czech Republic

You can view the recording of the Hradec Kralove Philharmonic, Wayne Lin, Violin, and Roberta Carpenter, Conductor on YouTube.

This early recording (2004) was made with the orchestra on tour in the cities of Nymburk and Prague. The Repertoire includes Glinka Russlan & Ludmilla Overture, Prokofiev Violin Concerto #2 (Wayne Lin, Violinist), and Tchaikovsky Symphony #5.

There is a Travelogue, which is set to music of the Nymburk Concert, and sights from Hradec Kralove, Nymburk and Prague. It begins with the introduction of the orchestra, soloist and conductor, and ends on location of the full concert, in the Simon & Judah Church near the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Pavel Laska is the Videographer/Producer.

OCO May 19th Concert Video in American Prize Semi-Finals


The Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra recording of the May 19th 2018 Concert is now on YouTube.

The Concert is colorful and includes a Mozart Divertimento, the Theme from Fanfare for Lake Country, Holst's St. Paul Suite for full orchestra, the Presentation of the 2018 Chatfield Award to Dave & Betty Reul, and 4 new movements of Sigmund Snopek's 'Lake Tones, Legends & Landscapes' series.

I'd like to share some info about the Lake Tones movements.
The series consists of 20 movements musically depicting the greater Oconomowoc area. The OCO performed and recorded the first 7 movements in 2010, and placed 3rd in the American Prize Awards in 2012 for the recording. The Concert is videotaped, then additional photography and video is added. The four movements from this concert include: Pier Adventures (Upper Oconomowoc / Lower Okauchee Lakes), Al Capone's Slots (Okauchee Lake), Meditation on Holy Hill, and Ice Age Boogie.

Without spoiling the surprises, I think I can relay that there is an Introduction in Pier Adventures, that has the orchestra musically playing... 'who can swim fastest', who can hold their breath longest', waves, and 'talking underwater'. Then one has a boat ride of Okauchee lake. There is an Al Capone who has an adventure in the 2nd movement. Composer Sigmund Snopek and OCO Music Director Roberta Carpenter do cameos, and Mr. Capone visits the Okauchee Post Office, the Channel, and the Hideaway Restaurant! There are 4 Ragtime solos featuring: Frank Reda, Trumpet, Rick Grothaus, Clarinet, Bob Ignaszak, viola, and composer Sigmund Snopek on piano.  The OCO was given special permission to film at Holy Hill Basilica. The movement is rich, and I'm certain you'll find it a treasure! Ice Age Boogie... well... are you ready?? There is an Ice Storm... and certain creatures are enjoying the dance!!

The Finals announcement will be posted on the American Prize Blog and, the OCO Facebook www.facebook.com/oconorch, and here!

American Prize Awards Finalist - Dvorak Serenade for Strings Recording with Janacek Philharmonic, Roberta Carpenter, Conductor

Word in from the American Prize Awards...

The ZMI Dvorak - Serenade for Strings recording with Janacek Philharmonic, Roberta Carpenter, Conductor, is now in the Finals of the Competition. The post is on May 23rd, 2018. FINALISTS: The American Prize in Conducting—professional orchestra division, 2017-18


You can hear this recording on YouTube or download it. More info at: http://zmusicintl.com/recordings.html


Hradec Kralove Phil. Concert & Czech Travelogue Video on YouTube

The Prague & Nymburk Concert and Czech Travelogue video recording with the Hradec Kralove Philharmonic, Violinist Wayne Lin, and Conductor Roberta Carpenter are now available on YouTube.

 The best search to get the full DVD to come up is:


The Tracks are:

Travelogue (Hradec Kralove, Nymburk, Prague) & Introduction (music from Nymburk Concert)

Glinka Russlan & Ludmilla Overture   (Prague Concert)

Prokofiev Violin Concerto #2, Wayne Lin, Violin  (Prague Concert)

     1st mvmt

     2nd mvmt

     3rd mvmt

Tchaikovsky Symphony #5  (Prague Concert)

     1st mvmt

     2nd mvmt

     3rd mvmt

    4th mvmt & Credits

2 Luthiers in Oconomowoc

We've known that Oconomowoc was fortunate to have Frank S. Chatfield in our midst.

He is a luthier that created a matched string quartet of instruments and donated them to the school system. The Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra's Annual Award is named after him.

What is new, is that it seems we have another luthier, and the two knew each other.

'Tones of yesterday's violins in violins of today.' is what reads on the label...

To see the full article:


2 Upcoming Projects & GoFundMe Links

There are two upcoming projects:
 - Fanfare Arrangements - videos
 - Dr. Crawford Gates Documentary

Both now have GoFundMe pages.

Fanfare - Video Project

Dr. Crawford Gates Documentary

If you'd like to learn more about them, and help enable their progress, click on either link above for information.

Thanks so much!

The Story of Fanfare

The Fanfare for Lake Country by Crawford Gates was commissioned by the Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra in 2010. The concept was to have a short piece that was vibrant, uplifting, that would be a reflection of life on the lakes.

Written with Oconomowoc and the area’s Lake Country in mind, the last well-known piece written for the area was ‘I Went for a Walk in Oconomowoc’ from approximately 1900. The time seemed right for a new tune! Although the Fanfare for Lake Country was written for the greater Oconomowoc area, with its beautiful lakes, the concept is universal… capturing the impressions and experiences we all have near lakes and water.

Once funding and dates were secure, outreach to a local composer took place, but for several reasons, it was not possible. OCO Music Director Roberta Carpenter reached out to Dr. Crawford Gates, the former Music Director of the Beloit/Janesville, Rockford and Quincy Symphonies, and a noteworthy American composer with compositions for various other Wisconsin locales. The two were well acquainted, as Carpenter had been the substitute Concertmaster and Conductor for the BJSO under Crawford’s direction, and Dr. Gates covered Ms. Carpenter’s Orchestra at UW-Whitewater while she was away during her tenure there in the early 1990s. 

The Fanfare for Lake Country premiered on the OCO’s Debut Concert, July 10th, 2010 at the Oconomowoc Arts Center with Roberta Carpenter conducting. Dr. Gates and his wife Georgia were in the house for rehearsals and the concert, and the piece was received with enthusiasm. The concert was recorded, and an audio and DVD were produced. See Fanfare Blog – part 3 or visit zmusicintl.com for additional recording information.

The Story of Fanfare - The Instrumental Arrangements

In order to share the Fanfare with the community, the concept of a violin/piano arrangement was conceived. The invitation was extended to Dr. Gates. Crawford responded with an enthusiastic yes and proceeded to compose an arrangement of the full Fanfare at a Professional level of performance.

Realizing that it would be possible to have the piece be accessible to all players and, also that sometimes a shorter version would be helpful, outreach and discussions took place with Jacob Beranek, a young, accomplished composer from the area. Jacob obliged with a short 18 measure version called ‘Theme’ as well as two one-page versions for treble and bass voiced instruments. The Theme was originally released for Treble Instruments (flute, violin, oboe), Violin, Cello, Bass Instruments (cello, stringed bass, bassoon, trombone & tuba), and Piano (with Guitar Chords). ‘Prelude’ was written for Treble voiced instruments (flute, violin, oboe) and ‘Nocturne’ was written for Bass voiced instruments (cello, stringed bass, bassoon, trombone & tuba). It is notable that these two Arrangements, though based on Fanfare, are completely unique, with different tempi, moods, and thematic material.

These Fanfare Instrumental Arrangements were premiered at the OCO’s Spotlight Concert in January of 2017. Performers included Theme - Luisa Heckenkamp, piano and Trinity Philbert, violin; Prelude - Vincent Cortese, violin and Jacob Beranek, piano; Nocturne – Eric Heitkemper, bassoon and Jacob Beranek, piano; and Full Fanfare – Roberta Carpenter, violin and Sigmund Snopek, piano.

Dr. Gates, with his wife Georgia, who performed on keyboards (piano and organ) through her life, also completed a Solo Piano version of the full Fanfare. These two pieces are capstones of Crawford’s significant compositional career of nearly 900 works.

In November 2017, Fanfare - Theme Instrumental Arrangements for Bb Instruments (trumpet, clarinet, sax); Eb Instruments (sax); F Horn and Viola were completed and released. These arrangements were composed by David Bohn, a pianist, organist and composer, who is President of the Wisconsin Composers Alliance. David’s arrangements of ‘Theme’ are based on the Fanfare, and are slightly different than the previously released ‘Themes’.  This is an excellent example of seeing various composer’s vision and voice in a project with the same source material.

These Instrumental Arrangements are now available in sheet music and pdf downloads. Links and Information are available on zmusicintl.com. In Oconomowoc, the Sheet Music and recordings are available at the Jewelry Mechanic on Hwy P.

The Story of Fanfare - Key to the Lake Area Photos on the CD Wallet

The lakes pictured on the Fanfare - Instrumental Arrangements CD Wallet are:

Cover – Silver Lake
Back Cover – Nagawicka Lake
Inside right (with tree on the left) – Lac LaBelle
Inside CD holder panel (with rainbow and pink flower) – Oconomowoc Lake

The Story of Fanfare - The Recordings

The OCO recording of the Fanfare for Lake Country – orchestral version is available on CD and DVD. The DVD was awarded 3rd place in the American Prize Awards, Orchestras - Professional Division, in 2012. The Fanfare for Lake Country – orchestral version is also available for Downloads and is on YouTube.com. The link to the OCO recording is available on both www.oconchamberorch.org and zmusicintl.com.

The Fanfare – Instrumental Arrangements recording is available as downloads and as a CD. The CD has a beautiful 6 panel CD ‘Wallet’ with photos of the Stradivarius, performers and 4 area lakes. The recording features Jacob Beranek, piano; Eric Heitkemper, bassoon; Dr. Aaron Matthews, piano; and Roberta Carpenter, violin. It also features the 1728 ‘Thunis’ Stradivarius. Links for the flier, downloads and CD ordering are on zmusicintl.com.

The Story of Fanfare - The 1728 Thunis Stradivarius

We had the good fortune to record the Fanfare – Instrumental Arrangements with the 1728 ‘Thunis’ Stradivarius.

Once the recording concept was set, outreach was made to the Stradivari Society. Stradivarius violins are very rare and in high demand, they have warm, resonant tone, and responsiveness . The Stradivari Society was happy to help connect the recording effort with a Stradivarius depending on it’s availability. As the exact date and time were secured, correspondence was made, and ultimately, the Strad was available. Acknowledgement was such that the Strad would be available the day before the recording session - less than 24 hours. What an adventure! The trip to Chicago was made, and the Strad was welcomed in Oconomowoc at the Lake Country Conservatory by a group of listeners, who heard the instrument from 8 – 11:00 pm. The recording was a 4 hour session on July 27th, and was graced by the Stradivarius. Our special thanks to Suzanne, Noah and Alec Fushi of Bein & Fushi, Inc. for their assistance in making this possible.

People ask, Roberta, did it really make a difference, could you really tell? Yes, absolutely. What a joy to play! It is a beautiful instrument.

I will say that I was playing with my bow, which is a good bow, yet perhaps not in the same realm as a Stradivarius. Perhaps the tone would have been slightly better with a different bow… having said that, because of the short time frame, only changing the violin so close to the recording time, enabled me to focus and adjust quickly.

Dvorak Serenade for Strings Recording with Janacek Philharmonic and Roberta Carpenter, Conductor are in the American Prize Awards Semi-Finals

The American Prize Awards Competition released their semi-finalists today...
the Dvorak Recording with the Janacek Philharmonic and Roberta Carpenter, Conductor are on the list!

This is the link to the American Prize Blogspot where the announcements are posted:

I appreciated working with the Janacek Philharmonic, and will look forward to seeing how we do.

Here is a shout out to the Hradec Kralove and Vidin Philharmonics, who are also in the semi-finals and are orchestras/organizations I've enjoyed learning from and working with.

It's an honor to be listed with the many other fine orchestras and conductors in the semi-finals.

A Favorite Musical Tradition

New Year's has passed, but I'd like to share a favorite New Year's Tradition with you... as you can still see the videos on YouTube.

Two of my favorite orchestral programs of the year take place on New Year's Eve, when one can see the New York Philharmonic New Year's Concert from Lincoln Center, and on New Year's Day, when one can take in the Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert at the Musikverein in Vienna.

The VPO program also features a ballet troupe and some of the filming is done in a castle, and there is sure to be video highlights of such things as Lipizzaner Stallions, chocolate making, glass blowing, fine china, the Danube or some other cultural 'nugget'. The program used to be narrated by Walter Cronkite, for those of you who are familiar with him, and more recently Julie Andrews.

The tradition at our household for many years was to have lobster tails, hors d'oeuvres, cookies... and coffee and watch the show! It works!!

Given it is no longer New Year's, you can still see many of the VPO's & NYP's previous New Years Concerts on YouTube. Here are the links:



We don't see/hear these orchestras on television that often, so the New Year's programs are a real treat.


Fanfare for Lake Country - Bb, Eb, F Horn & Viola Arrangements now available

New Fanfare for Lake Country - Theme Arrangements 
    Bb (Clarinet, Trumpet & Sax)
    Eb (Sax)
    F Horn

New arrangements of Dr. Crawford Gates' Fanfare for Lake Country - Theme are now available for Bb, Eb, F Horn Instruments and Viola. Written by David Bohn, these short arrangements incorporate themes from the original Fanfare.

They are available for download or sheet music ordering.

Light: Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano - now on YouTube.com

Hello All,

The Light: Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano CD with Roberta Carpenter, Violin and Sharon Goodrum, Piano is now available on YouTube.com.



Inside story is that all tracks were recorded during a 5 hour recording session at the home where Sharon and I rehearsed many times over the years. It was a beautiful Victorian home in the middle of the Kettle Moraine forest, in a very peaceful and pictoresque setting. These are some of our favorite miniatures from over the years.

Zenith Music International - Roberta Carpenter on YouTube.com

You can now enjoy some of my and the ZMI Recordings on YouTube.com.

Dvorak Recording of Serenade for Strings
with Janacek Phiharmonic


Chatfield Award - Intro (5 min 40)
(with Scott Sleider interview and workshop visit)

Chatfield Award - Tom Snyder Tribute  (15 minutes)

(with guests Maureen Stapleton, Dr. Pat Neudecker, Ellen McDonald of Hartland Piano Gallery, and Randy Otto as 'Sir Winston Churchill' with a 'Message from Heaven from Tom')

(I narrate both of these videos)


Fanfare for Lake Country – Orchestral version


The 'Light' CD - Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano with Sharon Goodrum will be up shortly. You can hear this recording on CDBaby, or visit http://zmusicintl.com/recordings/light.html.


July 26 Recording Session - with a Stradivarius

On July 26th, we recorded three of the Instrumental Arrangements of the Fanfare for Lake Country and two movements of the J.S. Bach Unaccompanied Sonata in g minor at the Oconomowoc Arts Center. What made the session especially memorable was the presence of a Stradivarius violin.

Thanks to Alec and Suzanne Fushi and Noah Sims of Bein & Fushi Fine Violins in Chicago, IL, the 1728 'Thunis'  Strad was made available for the recording. Those who had the opportunity to hear the beautiful instrument all commented how it had a voice and presence that was touching and singular. Grateful appreciation to the Bein & Fushi Team for their help and support!

Also, many thanks to composer/pianist Jacob Beranek, pianist Dr. Aaron Matthews, Buzz Kemper from Audio for the Arts, Dave and Julie Williams, Sean Floeter and all for the wonderful and memorable session!

You can watch here, on the ZMI Facebook and on the ZMI Website for updates on the exact release date and logistics. The Fanfare for Lake Country Sheet Music is available for downloads, orders and in person. http://zmusicintl.com/sheetmusic.html

Plans also include the release of a Fanfare for Lake Country Video - Violin/Piano version, including lake images, rehearsal and performance images, and footage of the inside view of the world of fine instruments and luthiership.

Zenith Music International Blog & Facebook Page - Welcome

Welcome to the ZMI Blog!

I'm happy to share information about the Zenith Music International Blog & Facebook page with you.

For the latest Fanfare for Lake Country Sheet Music and Recording news, ZMI Recording Releases, and musical nuggets, you may enjoy viewing https://www.facebook.com/ZenithMusicStudio. This will feature the fliers, links and updates.

On the ZMI Blog, you'll find a more in depth entry about some of the background or perspective on the events and developments.

If you have questions about either the ZMI Facebook or Blog, please don't hesitate to be in touch at contactus@zmusicintl.com.

Thanks so much for reading!