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ZMI Conversations: Crawford & Georgia Gates
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Intro videos posted.
Series videos will be released shortly.

1.  Fanfare – The Orchestral Premiere

2.   Fanfare – The Instrumental Arrangements

3.   Fanfare – The Recordings

4.   Fanfare – The 1728 ‘Thunis’ Stradivarius

5.   Fanfare – Key to the Lake Area Photos on the CD Wallet
6.  String Orchestra & String Quintet Arrangements
7.  OCO-Bot Theme Song
8.  Fanfare Baseball!

OCO 2021 Chatfield Award Presentation
This year's OCO Chatfield Award was presented to Roberta Carpenter by Chris Wanner (Bank Five Nine) with Cherie Sonsalla (Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce), Dave Williams (OCO Board of Directors) and John Cramer (Oconmowoc Arts Center). Click on Photo for Link to video.
Zenith Music International Logo Apparel
from LandsEnd!

You can  now choose any item from LandsEnd and have your choice of the Zenith Studio Mountain Oval logo, or the Zenith Music International Z logo embroidered on the item.  
Martinu Philharmonic Recording
Now available on YouTube and most digital audio platforms.
with Violinist
Wayne Lin

Diamond - Rounds 
Bruch - Scottish Fantasy
Ravel - Tzigane
Debussy - La Mer
Trio Arabesque - Live 
Beethoven Op. 70 #1
'The Ghost'
Audio Recording 
1st Mvmt
2nd Mvmt
3rd Mvmt
Trio Arabesque - Live
Haydn Piano Trio in D
Audio Recording
1st Mvmt
2nd & 3rd Mvmts

The Metric Balance in Music video program on YouTube.com

shares a systemic approach to understanding and realizing the natural weight and buoyancy of music in performance.
The Zenith 

is the highest point 

on a path,

or being the best 

you can be.


Trio Arabesque -
Haydn Piano Trio #38 in D Major 1st mvmt
This vintage recording features Roberta Carpenter, Violin, Janet Marshall, Cello and Sharon Goodrum, Piano. Video Here
Wellness Resources 
for our Days!

Hello All
Facebook.com/ZenithMusicStudio and the ZMI Blog have Wellness related posts. 
ZHealthIntl.com contains a wealth of resource for support in our days!
Certain music is so calming, inspiring and uplifting in our days. I invite you to explore my Dvorak Serenade, 'Light: Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano', the Fanfare for Lake Country - Orchestral and Instrumental Arrangements, and the OCO May 19th Concert Meditation on Holy Hill recordings, which are posted on the ZMI Home Page and the Recordings Pages. 
There are considerable additional ZHI Wellness Resource available. Please contact me if you would like information. 
Take care and sending you every best for your day!!!

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