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Fanfare for Lake Country - Bb, Eb, F Horn & Viola Arrangements now available

New Fanfare for Lake Country - Theme Arrangements 
    Bb (Clarinet, Trumpet & Sax)
    Eb (Sax)
    F Horn

New arrangements of Dr. Crawford Gates' Fanfare for Lake Country - Theme are now available for Bb, Eb, F Horn Instruments and Viola. Written by David Bohn, these short arrangements incorporate themes from the original Fanfare.

They are available for download or sheet music ordering.

Light: Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano - now on YouTube.com

Hello All,

The Light: Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano CD with Roberta Carpenter, Violin and Sharon Goodrum, Piano is now available on YouTube.com.



Inside story is that all tracks were recorded during a 5 hour recording session at the home where Sharon and I rehearsed many times over the years. It was a beautiful Victorian home in the middle of the Kettle Moraine forest, in a very peaceful and pictoresque setting. These are some of our favorite miniatures from over the years.

Zenith Music International - Roberta Carpenter on YouTube.com

You can now enjoy some of my and the ZMI Recordings on YouTube.com.

Dvorak Recording of Serenade for Strings
with Janacek Phiharmonic


Chatfield Award - Intro (5 min 40)
(with Scott Sleider interview and workshop visit)

Chatfield Award - Tom Snyder Tribute  (15 minutes)

(with guests Maureen Stapleton, Dr. Pat Neudecker, Ellen McDonald of Hartland Piano Gallery, and Randy Otto as 'Sir Winston Churchill' with a 'Message from Heaven from Tom')

(I narrate both of these videos)


Fanfare for Lake Country – Orchestral version


The 'Light' CD - Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano with Sharon Goodrum will be up shortly. You can hear this recording on CDBaby, or visit http://zmusicintl.com/recordings/light.html.


July 26 Recording Session - with a Stradivarius

On July 26th, we recorded three of the Instrumental Arrangements of the Fanfare for Lake Country and two movements of the J.S. Bach Unaccompanied Sonata in g minor at the Oconomowoc Arts Center. What made the session especially memorable was the presence of a Stradivarius violin.

Thanks to Alec and Suzanne Fushi and Noah Sims of Bein & Fushi Fine Violins in Chicago, IL, the 1728 'Thunis'  Strad was made available for the recording. Those who had the opportunity to hear the beautiful instrument all commented how it had a voice and presence that was touching and singular. Grateful appreciation to the Bein & Fushi Team for their help and support!

Also, many thanks to composer/pianist Jacob Beranek, pianist Dr. Aaron Matthews, Buzz Kemper from Audio for the Arts, Dave and Julie Williams, Sean Floeter and all for the wonderful and memorable session!

You can watch here, on the ZMI Facebook and on the ZMI Website for updates on the exact release date and logistics. The Fanfare for Lake Country Sheet Music is available for downloads, orders and in person. http://zmusicintl.com/sheetmusic.html

Plans also include the release of a Fanfare for Lake Country Video - Violin/Piano version, including lake images, rehearsal and performance images, and footage of the inside view of the world of fine instruments and luthiership.

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