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The Art of Luthiership & the Chatfield Instrument Restoration Project Video
Take a walk into the world of violin making! This new OCO video talks about the personality of instruments and their makers. Step into the workshop of Scott Sleider, luthier, as he explains his 3 year restoration project on the Chatfield Instruments, a matched string quartet of instruments made with wood from Lac LaBelle. Hosted by Roberta Carpenter. Kyra Arendt, Videographer. Click here for Video

American Prize Winner!
The OCO & Roberta Carpenter, Music Director, received 3rd place in the American Prize Awards for Recordings in the Arts for the OCO Debut Concert DVD. Click here for more information.



1.       Fanfare – The Orchestral Premiere

2.       Fanfare – The Instrumental Arrangements

3.       Fanfare – The Recordings

4.       Fanfare – The 1728 ‘Thunis’ Stradivarius

5.       Fanfare – Key to the Lake Area Photos on the CD Wallet

New - Zenith Music International Logo Apparel from LandsEnd!
You can  now choose any item from LandsEnd and have your choice of the Zenith Studio Mountain Oval logo, or the Zenith Music International Z logo embroidered on the item.  
Click here for the link.

The Zenith 

is the highest point 

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Wellness Resources 
for our Days!

Hello All. 

Facebook.com/ZenithMusicStudio and the ZMI Blog have Wellness related posts. 

I can highly recommend viewing the ZMI Wellness & Performance page and the Immune Support options pdf. For me, Immunizen and Bios 7 from Unicity are actions I recommend and have taken. You'll find a link for obtaining UVC hand held devices, Air Purification with medical grade filtration, ionizer, and sensor, as well as EMF Sensitivity Resources. 
Certain music is so calming, inspiring and uplifting in our days. I invite you to explore my Dvorak Serenade, 'Light: Classic Favorites for Violin & Piano', the Fanfare for Lake Country - Orchestral and Instrumental Arrangements, and the OCO May 19th Concert Meditation on Holy Hill recordings, which are posted on the ZMI Home Page and the Recordings Pages. 
There is considerable additional ZHI Wellness Resource available. Please contact me if you would like information. 
Take care and sending you every best for your day!!!

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